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High Zeta Officers

Copy of Carson Wolf.jpg

High Alpha - President

Carson Wolf

The High Alpha is the leader of the chapter. He looks out for the interests, well-being, and development of his chapter, and guides each brother and associate member. In order that he may carry out the duties of his office to the best of his ability, the High Alpha should consider carefully these rules of action.

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High Beta - Internal Vice President

Idrees Ibrahim

The High Beta assists the High Alpha in performing his duties. He oversees internal membership involvement and campus involvement. The High Beta should serve as an ex-officio member of every committee within the chapter including the Executive Committee. Under the direction of the High Alpha, it is his responsibility that all officers, committees, and individual members are performing to the highest degree to uphold the standards of Lambda Chi Alpha.

Copy of Michael Dickenson.jpg

High Theta - External Vice President

Michael Dickenson

The High Theta’s responsibilities are to originate, direct, and inspire programs of external involvement for all members of the Fraternity and to its various publics. Among these are the campus community, the faculty and administration, other fraternities and sororities, the non-fraternity students, parents, alumni, and the community in which this chapter is located.

Copy of Benny Mugo.jpg

High Gamma - Secretary

Benny Mugo

The office of High Gamma is demanding both of time and attention to detail. The High Gamma is fourth in the chain of command. He is entrusted with the membership records of each member of the chapter and responsible for reporting and submitting information in a timely manner to the International Headquarters.

Talon Schroeder_edited.jpg

High Tau - Treasurer

Talon Schroeder

The High Tau oversees the financial welfare of his chapter. This officer must exemplify the highest standards of integrity in maintaining the material property, financial assets, and the financial records entrusted to his care.  The High Tau must administer, faithfully and impartially, the financial affairs of the chapter, insist upon each member fulfilling his individual obligations promptly, and preserve the chapter assets in the development of long-range stability.

Abhinav Chinnambeti_edited.jpg

High Iota - Risk Manager

Abhinav Chinnambeti

The duty of the High Iota is to assist and protect others, particularly our own members. The High Iota has the obligation to administer a risk management program that promises responsible and mature behavior by all members at all times, and to preserve the ideals of the Fraternity by conducting the operations of the chapter safely, prudently, and in compliance with the laws and policies both of Lambda Chi Alpha and the chapter’s campus.

Aidan Hall_edited.jpg

High Rho - Alumni Development Officer

Aidan Hall

The High Rho is the chapter’s link to the alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha, both within and beyond this chapter. He develops an effective program that provides events of interest to the alumni, recognizes outstanding service to the Fraternity by individual alumni, encourages involvement, and prepares those beginning to transition into dedicated alumni brothers.

Copy of Tim Kim.jpg

High Kappa - Fraternity Educator

Tim Kim

The High Kappa is entrusted with the education and development of each and every chapter member as a student, as a leader, and as a fully participating member in this chapter.  His goal is to develop and maintain a program of mature acceptance of responsibility on the part of every undergraduate in this chapter based on the history, aims, ideals, and traditions of our country, the school, and Lambda Chi Alpha.

Copy of Daniel Cho.jpg

High Delta - Recruitment Chairman

Daniel Cho

The High Delta provides for the future of his chapter by directing its membership recruitment program. His job is to lead recruitment efforts that will seek men with scholastic aptitude, leadership potential, strength of character, and dedication to service.

Copy of Eric Neutzling.jpg

High Phi - Ritualist

Eric Neutzling

The High Phi is responsible with overseeing that the Fraternity’s Initiation Ritual is performed in the manner ensuring that the Fraternity’s secrets are safe guarded. His role is to advise the chapter on Lambda Chi Alpha’s ceremonies and ensuring they are performed in the proper manner. He must inspire the brotherhood to delve into the teachings of our Fraternity and instruct on how to apply those teachings to their daily lives.

Ryan Penn_edited.jpg

High Sigma - Educational Chairman

Ryan Penn

One of the principal objectives of Lambda Chi Alpha, as a co-curricular Fraternity, is to develop in each member a realization of his highest scholastic and intellectual potential. The High Sigma is responsible in developing and implementing an educational program that encourages the broadest possible cultural and intellectual experience for each member of the chapter.

Ben Long_edited.jpg

High Epsilon - Social Chairman

Ben Long

The High Epsilon plays an important role in the social development and participation of the members. Entrusted to the High Epsilon are the responsibilities of instilling in the members a constant awareness of, respect for, and demonstration of acceptable standards of conduct; those attributes of behavior which distinguish a member of Lambda Chi Alpha as a gentleman.

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High Pi - Alumni Advisor

Colt Miles

The High Pi must be familiar with all facets of a situation before acting, and then be candid yet diplomatic in giving advice to the undergraduates of the chapter. It is important for the High Pi to present a good example by attending meetings and other activities, and by conscientiously following the highest standards of conduct and integrity.

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Executive Committee

Carson Wolf (Voting), Idrees Ibrahim (Non-Voting), Michael Dickenson (Non-Voting), Benny Mugo (Voting), Talon Schroeder (Voting), Eric Neutzling (Voting), Colt Miles (Voting)

The future security and success of a chapter or colony is the responsibility of the Executive Committee. Their decisions must be guided by our Seven Core Values, the principles commemorated in our Creed, the Constitution & Statutory Code and bylaws of the Fraternity, and the immutable teachings of our Ritual.

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Alumni Advisory Board

Jaryd Kromskyv, Colt Miles, Ralph Rodriguez, Bobby Lubazewski, Jake Alvarado

The mission of the Alumni Advisory Board is to advise and to help to improve the operations of the chapter or colony through the promotion of the ideals and principles of Lambda Chi Alpha, while at the same time, develop and strengthen the fraternal experience for all involved.

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