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For Parents

We understand that you may have some misgivings; many of our parents felt the same when we talked about joining! We realize that as a parent, you have sent your son to college to get ahead in life. And by joining Lambda Chi Alpha, we believe that he will benefit from his college experience even further. Here's why:

Lambda Chi Alpha Is A Brotherhood
As members of Lambda Chi Alpha, we take the bonds of brotherhood very seriously and we constantly look out for one another. The men your son will befriend will be a constant support in his life. They will always help him in his endeavors, both personal and academic. The bonds that your son will build in Lambda Chi Alpha will last a lifetime.

Lambda Chi Alpha Creates Opportunities
If your son chooses to join our organization, he will instantly become connected with a network of diverse brothers. This network will open up job opportunities, community service opportunities, and educational opportunities. At the same time, your son will also learn the skills to thrive in the educational and professional world. Recruiters know that the fraternity experience prepares a man for success. Although fraternity alumni number less than 2% of the population, they make up 52% of the U.S. Senate, 33% of the House of Representatives, and 75% of the top executives of the 500 largest business corporations. 

There is a common misconception that joining a fraternity is akin to buying your friends. The money that every member of Lambda Chi Alpha puts into the chapter improves our ability to host both philanthropic events and events that promote school spirit. Additionally, funding is allocated to recruiting new members and promoting Greek unity. Every organization must collect funds to function, and Lambda Chi Alpha is no exception. Every penny spent will help create opportunities that every member, your son included, can enjoy.

Lambda Chi Alpha Inspires Personal Growth

Lambda Chi Alpha will give your son the chance to learn the value of teamwork, to develop his leadership skills, and to expand his sense of responsibility. Joining will allow your son to fine-tune professional skills such as organization, follow-through, and public speaking. Lambda Chi Alpha provides the opportunity to learn from the advice and experiences of older brothers and alumni. There are few experiences that better equip a young man to tackle life's challenges head on.


Lambda Chi Alpha requires all members to pursue and maintain a high level of academic acheivement. In our fraternity, your son can seek advice and tutoring from older brothers who know the courses and the professors.

Lambda Chi Alpha Has A Strict No-Hazing Policy

You have probably heard stories of how fraternities are notorious for hazing their pledges. With Lambda Chi Alpha, we have a zero tolerance policy on hazing. In 1980, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi-Delta Zeta appeared on television with Oprah Winfrey on WJZ-13's "People Are Talking" to speak out against hazing in Greek Life and promote anti-hazing legislation. We promise that we will treat your son with the utmost respect. In Lambda Chi Alpha new members are referred to as Associate Members, and enjoy all the rights of fully initiated brothers, with the exception of voting on candidates for initiation and serving as our chapter ritualist.

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