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Fraternity Rush

Designed to prepare its members to be leaders for the world, Lambda Chi Alpha has a mission to inspire the highest level of character, values, scholarship, and service in each of its members. Lambda Chi Alpha serves to complement higher education by providing opportunities for academic achievement, leadership development, and lifelong friendships.

Rush week is a semesterly initiative intended to recruit undergraduate students of sterling character and high scholastic aptitude. Our events serve as a platform for brothers to meet potential candidates and to address any questions they may have about the fraternity. Students who carry a respectable GPA, are already heavily involved with university organizations, and demonstrate that they possess the maturity and resolve needed to excel academically while being in a social fraternity are considered for bids.

At Lambda Chi Alpha, we believe the college experience includes balancing academic and extracurricular activities with an active social life. While the fraternity offers a multitude of academic, leadership, and philanthropic opportunities, the fraternity also presents a myriad of social events and networking opportunities. Over the course of the year, we host dozens of social events that give the brothers and students from neighboring schools a chance to mingle and unwind. For brothers, other social events include mixers with local sororities, formal date evenings, and invite only house events.

Lambda Chi Alpha has the highest cumulative GPA average among the Interfraternity Council at UMBC. We are the oldest social fraternity at UMBC as well as one of the oldest in the country.

As per UMBC's interfraternity council bylaws, students become eligible upon completion of a full semester (minimum 12 credits) at any postsecondary institution. At minimum, candidates who meet our chapter's character and GPA standards are considered. Candidates may then be evaluated based on members' experiences as well as references from sororities, professors, and alumni.


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